Machine Learning Researcher | Lecturer | Generative AI

Machine Learning Researcher | Lecturer | Generative AI

Kulin Patel


Master’s in Data Science with specialization in Deep Learning

University of Maryland,
Baltimore County

GPA: 4.0
2022 – 2024

Master’s in Data Science with specialization in Deep Learning

University of Maryland,
Baltimore County

GPA: 4.0
Aug 2022 – Dec 2023/May 2024

Graduate Tutor and Grader for the class of Introduction to Deep Learning
Introduction to Deep Learning, Introduction to Machine Learning, Big Data Processing, Practical AI, Data Management, Data Analysis, Ethical & Legal Issues in Data Science.

Work Experience

ML | AI | Computer Vision | Natural Language Processing

Feb 2023 – Currently Working

Graduate Machine Learning Researcher

Sensorimotor Control Laboratory, UMBC – A Lab specialized in Brain-Machine interface

• Engineered emotion-based speed control for a robotic arm, showcasing seamless human-robot collaboration.
• Co-authored paper on efficient transformer-based deep learning algorithm for facial expression recognition.

Feb 2023 – Currently Working
March 2022 – Sept 2022

Machine Learning Engineer

WebOccult Technology, India – A Software development company

Text-to-Image search
• Enabled users to search million-image dataset with text queries
• Achieved this task by Object Detection, Color analysis of images, OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
• Natural Language Processing: Keyword Extraction, Gibberish text removal.

Real-Time Hand and Body Pose Detection for Interactive Gaming
• Created API endpoint for real-time detection of hand and body poses using Python to integrate with Unity game engine.
• Implemented depth estimation and video stabilization using OpenCV AI Kit (OAK-D camera) to improve performance

Mouse Movement Analysis for Cheating Prevention
• Led development of a model to detect and prevent cheating in online games by recording and analyzing mouse data.
• Improved fairness of game, resulting in increased player satisfaction. 50% reduction in reported instances of cheating.

March 2022 – Sept 2022
Sep 2021 – Aug 2022

Adjunct Lecturer – Machine Learning

Bath Spa University, U.A.E.
• Taught two full-credit courses, covering fundamentals of machine learning, computer vision and Python programming.
• Graduate students applied their knowledge to real-world problems and develop their own projects.

Sep 2021 – Aug 2022
July 2021 – Mar 2022

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Doctor on Click, SingaporeProvides remote healthcare

• Implemented image segmentation with deep learning for Traditional Chinese Medicine with an accuracy of 0.95 IoU.
• Resulted in a web app for the doctors to get the segmented tongue image and the diagnosis of the patient.

July 2021 – Mar 2022
Mar 2019 – Mar 2021

Instructor, Python

Akshar CompuSoft Education Center, India

• Taught fundamentals of Python, data science, machine learning, and provided individualized mentorship to students.

Mar 2019 – Mar 2021


Efficient Deep Learning Models for Facial Expression Recognition (FER) using Transformers

  • Developed efficient Transformer-based computer vision algorithm for Facial Expression Recognition (FER).
  • Achieved competitive accuracy while maintaining computational efficiency, distinguishing from top-tier large models.
  • Paper has been accepted by IEEE BSN (yet to be published).


ML | AI | Computer Vision | Natural Language Processing

TL-GAN (Transparent Latent Space Generative Adversarial Network)

  • Programmed TL GAN to better understand the latent space and improve control over GAN-generated features.
  • Controlled human face features with the linear model and visualized the latent space with the multi-label classifier.

Song Lyrics Generator with Large Language Model(LLM)

  • Created a song lyrics generator capable of producing pop and rap lyrics from a limited dataset.
  • Leveraged transfer learning on OpenAI’s GPT-2 (small) with 124M parameters to develop the model.

Real-time writing on live web-camera screen

Kulin Patel showing his work on Real-time writing on live web-camera screen
  • Developed a real-time interactive system enabling touchless handwriting on live web-camera screens through advanced hand tracking technology.
  • The project gained viral success on LinkedIn with 2.5 million views. Post link.

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