Hand Tracking tool – Computer Vision (Machine learning)

I have made a hand gesture tracking tool. It can also track hand movements live through a webcam. To show its output, I have applied this tool on video. Output is as below:

Test video output

This project processes the input from the web camera. Then, It identifies 21 landmark points of hands. It runs smoothly on the CPU. No need for GPU. In this project, I have also added a live FPS tracker too. It measures frame per Second on Webcam. I have done this with OpenCV and Mediapipe.

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  1. Hi Kulin,

    I like your work and would love to get in touch. About me, I lead engineering for Protonn, a startup in iOS interactive video domain and was head of engineering for Flipkart WholeSale in my previous stint!

    Interactivity, especially is where I see overlap of your work with our offerings for independent professionals!

    Please drop me a halo at Kumar.prashant@gmail.com and let’s see if there is a mutually beneficial path forward!


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