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What is Machine Learning?

Our ability to learn and get better at tasks through experience is part of our life. When we are born, we know almost nothing and can do almost nothing for ourselves. But as we grow, we learn and become more capable every day. But, Did you know that computers can also do the same? This is where Machine learning comes in. (It is a branch of artificial intelligence)

Machine learning brings together statistics and computer science to enable computers to learn how to do a given task without being programmed to do so. Our brain uses experience to improve a task, so do computers


Say, We need a computer that can tell difference between a picture of Mango and a picture of Apple. You can begin by feeding it images and telling it “this is Mango” and “this is Apple”. A computer (pre-programmed to learn) will see patterns within the data. This will enable it to recognize Mango or Apple in the future. Crucially, It’s the computer not the programmer that identifies those patterns and makes the algorithm by which future data will be sorted.

One example of a simple yet highly effective algorithm is to find the optimal line separating Mango from Apple. When the computer sees a new picture, it checks which side of the line it falls on and then says either Mango or Apple. But of course, there can be mistakes. The more data the computer receives, the more accurate it can be in predictions.

Today, Machine learning is widely applied in various fields. It is the technology behind
  • Facial Recognition (as biometric security on phone screen lock, Airport security check etc)
  • Spam filter in your mailbox
  • Text to speech recognition
  • Credit card fraud detection
  • And so much more

2 thoughts on “What is Machine Learning?”

  1. Anubhav pathak

    I believe if we will give a computer as much data as much a human consumes and a well defined structure to process that data after depply studying human mind it is possible to make computer as smart to take decisions. Because what i bealive about human mind is that human mind is also like a bunch of data with a well defined algorithm to process that data and then it gives the instructions to our body what to do anything.

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